Services We Offer

Junk Removal

We take all sorts of junk. Check out this list for what we do and don’t take!


  • Selective Demolition
    • Removing specific parts of a building.
      • Enclosed porch, attached garage, etc.
  • Interior Demolition
    • Demolition of the inside of the building, while protecting and maintain the exterior structure.
      • Partitions, walls, ceilings, flooring and more.
  • Exterior Demolition
    • Demolition of structures not attached to the main building.
      • Sheds, decks, porches, greenhouses, or other similar structures.


  • Storage Unit
  • House
  • Apartment
  • Yard
  • Office
  • Commercial Locations
  • Hoarding Site
  • Cars/RVs/Campers (cleanouts or removals with a title)
  • Pretty much anywhere with unwanted junk

Unique Services

We offer a unique service no one else does. Woman on site!
You may request to have one of our lovely women staff members to do your in person estimates or be in the field during your project.
We offer this service to make our customers feel more comfortable because we know sometimes an all male staff can be intimidating.